EA shares Battlefield 1 Online Gameplay

EA released a new trailer for Battlefield 1 today during EA’s E3 press release. It showed more single player action and looked absolutely stunning, nailing the chaos and brutality of WWI.


After the new gameplay trailer, EA showed its online gameplay for the first time.

Battlefield is known for its massive online experience with 64-player multiplayer and destructible environments. BF1 will follow suit and give players even bigger experiences:

  • Not just buildings are destructible. The landscape itself will be affected by every shell and explosion. Airships can rain destruction from above. Moreso when they fall from the sky.
  • The weather in-game will change randomly and effect the map in real ways. Your visibility will be altered, and the look and feel of the game will change as well. During the broadcast, you can see water droplets from rain landing on weapons. In other segments, fog reduces visibility and forces players to change tactics.
  • BF1 has a cover system that even works with partially destroyed walls.
  • Battlefield has also removed some of the obstacles in previous iterations of the game, such as having to stop to activate doors. Now, players can charge doors with no waiting and burst into rooms without hindrance.
  • Melee attacks, most noticeable the bayonet, are brutal and look very satisfying.
  • Chemical weapons will be at play online and players will have to react quickly to equip their gas masks.
  • They have shared four maps so far: Amiens, St. Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa, & Empires Edge, and three game modes: Conquest, Domination, and Operations. DICE promise more to come.
  • Perhaps most epic is that players can control all vehicles, including the massive zeppelins. These are not just impressive set pieces, they are important components that can turn the tide of the battle. 

Battlefield 1 appears to be delivering big.  Despite heading backwards in history, DICE have managed to keep the fast-paced action players have come to enjoy in first person shooters. Setting the title in WW1 offers developers a fantastic opportunity to bring fresh experience to the players. What did you think of the Battlefield 1 footage? Let us know in the comments.

Battlefield 1 will be available for Xbox One, PC, & PS4 October 21, 2016.

Images & Video © EA

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