E3 2016 Bethesda Showcase

Bethesda kicked E3 off with a number of fantastic announcements.  For those of you who missed Sunday night’s Bethesda Showcase here are some of the highlights.

Quake Champions

That’s right! After successfully resurrecting DOOM into one of best new shooters of the year; Bethesda & ID are turning their attention to Quake. While they only shared a teaser trailer it is very exciting to see this franchise brought back to life. The teaser suggests this new Quake will focus on online play. Stay tuned for more announcements about Quake at Quakecon in August.

Doom free to play this week

Bethesda is rolling out new DLC for DOOM for those who have already discovered the joy of the fast paced adrenaline rush of DOOM. For those who have not Bethesda is offering the first section of DOOM is free to play this week so this is your opportunity to try the game that everyone has been so excited about.

Elder Scrolls Online,  Elder Scrolls Legends, &  Skyrim Remastered

Elder Scrolls Online will be adding a new Dark Brotherhood Expansion. Players will be able to take contracts, sneak through the world, and assassinate their targets. They will also be removing level requirements in Elder Scrolls Online allowing any player to explore ALL of Tameriel right out of the tutorial. Removing limitations opens the diverse world of Elder Scrolls up and Bethesda is confident that players will love it.

Elder Scrolls Legends is a digital card game in the spirit of Magic the Gathering


Elder Scrolls Legends screenshot

Finally Bethesda confirmed that they will be releasing a remastered version of Skyrim for this generations systems. The graphics have been completely overhauled and it almost looks like a new game.


Arkane Studios, the developer who brought us Dishonored and will soon bring us Dishonored 2 has been working a revamped IP. Prey is a psychological thriller FPS. It is a little reminiscent of Dead Space but coming from Arkane Studios I think it will offer unique gameplay and story. What little Bethesda shared is certainly intriguing. Mysterious experiments and creepy enemies should keep us on the edge of our seats. The trailer hints at some mind-bending story telling.

Bethesda VR

As part of their E3 presence, Bethesda has brought a number of their amazing games including Fallout 4 and DOOM and is giving attendees the chance to experience them in an entirely new way. Through virtual reality.  VR is no longer a distant future for gaming, it is here now and even studios such as Bethesda, who specialize in larger than life worlds are seeing what they can do with this new technology.  Stay tuned to hear more about Bethesda VR.

Dishonored 2

Harvey Smith, of Arkane Studios, shared Dishonored 2 including new story details and gameplay. Arkane has built a new engine that they have dubbed the “Void” engine to showcase their art style and gameplay.  Players can choose their gameplay style and even how they approach their targets.  This sequel will offer players even more choices and encourage them to explore new ways to complete the missions.

Dishonored 2screenshot

The two missions Arkane shared showcase the game’s new playable character, Emily Kaldwin, and her unique abilities. Dishonored 2 brings many of its predecessors features back including powers like blink and multiple approaches to targets. It will also bring new abilities such as memorize, domino and shadow walk. Players will have even more options ensuring this title’s replayability.

The gameplay also explores the new city. More vibrant than Dunwall, the coast city of Karnaca offers more opportunity for vertical approaches. It also harnesses new game mechanics such as weather to affect players and enemy AI alike.  This is definite a game to watch out for this fall.

If you are a fan of Dishonored you can preorder the Collector’s Edition which comes complete with a replica of Corvo’s mask. They have also officially announced the games release date: November 11, 2016

Bethesda brought everything people were asking for and more. What were you most excited to see?


Images & Video © Bethesda

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