Celebrate Father’s Day with Dad Quest!

Father’s Day is our chance to thank dads for everything they’ve done. How can you appreciate just how epic your dad is until you have experienced his epic dad shoes though?  These intrepid developers asked just that very question. Excalibur Games, “A key specialist in the simulation genre releasing boxed games of Euro Truck Simulator 2, Train Simulator 2016 and Microsoft Flight Simulator” (seriously, it’s on their steam page), know simulators. So, they set out to simulate epic dads.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Excalibur Games has captured all the joy and excitement of dad in a game: Dad Quest!

Dad Quest is a 2D side scrolling game with an 8-bit aesthetic. Dads gift their child with the joy of flight as the primary mechanic is launching the child through the air to defeat enemies. But dads also leap, power slide, and start a few fires to get the job done. It’s not simply a 2D platformer, however. Both father and child can level up and learn new abilities. On your adventures you can collect treasures to improve your Dad or child’s performance.  Take the child to the toy store or send your child to school to to unlock all the possibilities. It mentors your child into the weapon it was meant to be.

Dads knows education is important

Follow dads on an epic father/child adventure across Dad Island. You will need to traverse the dangerous landscape and defeat many strange and incredible foes, but these epic dads are up to the challenge.

DadQuest-beadadExcalibur Games knows dad’s come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. They let you pick your dad before you begin your adventure. Every play through can offer new experiences as you try different abilities, upgrades, even different dads or children.

Discover the secrets of legendary Dad Island. This mysterious island is filled with deadly foes of all kind. Giant bees, fiery ostriches, weird walking taco creatures.


You can experience the Dad Quest demo at here. Then, if you ever want the full dad experience, head to their Steam Greenlight page and vote.

Happy Father’s Day to all the epic dads, and all of those stepping up to be epic dads.

Images © Excalibur Games

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