PS4 4.0 System Update Breakdown

Quick Menu

The quick menu has changed. Players will have more access to options without having to exit their game. You can see the new and improved Quick Menu by holding down the PS button. Friends, your online status, devices, and even music will be accessible via the quick menu. It can be customized to keep track of what is most important to you.

PSN 4.0 - quick menu
Customize your quick menu to your specifications.

Music fans will be particularly happy with the new quick menu. It is now easier to access your music option without leaving your game. This enhanced music section will allow you to access Spotify without opening the app. Players can discover and play music right from the Quick Menu. When you select a playlist, you will be able to view upcoming tracks and choose to play the entire playlist or listen to an individual track.



As announced last week at the Sony Press Conference, this update will allow any PS4 sold since the consoles release in 2013 to be HDR capable. HDR settings will be added to the system’s video output settings menu. PlayStation has promised a number of new titles and some older ones will be HDR capable via patches. Keep in mind that you will need a HDR capable TV to take advantage of this part of the update.

Layout Changes

You may notice a few changes to the layout of your PS4. The What’s New and Content Sections of the system have been redesigned. They now feature a more modular layout, making it easier to differentiate friend activity and provide feedback through thumbs up or comments. Game content, accessed by pressing down on a game tile, will also be broken down more clearly. This allows players to choose what they want to view including an overview of the title, trending media, friend activity, communities, or store content.


There are a few other UI tweaks with 4.0 updates including Trophies now featuring triangle icons to denote the rarity of each Trophy. The user profile screen has also changed, making it easier to view an overview of your game collection, friends, or your own online activity. Players will be able to easily see the trophy progress for each game under their user profiles including the most recent and rarest trophy for each title. Players will also be able to easily mark themselves as “appear offline” for those evenings you just want to crush a few levels of Just Dance in peace.

Updates Anticipating PS4 Pro

PlayStation has included a new data transfer method, allowing players to copy their PS4 content (including games, user info, and saved games) to another PS4. Maybe a PS4 Pro, perhaps? THis can be done with wired LAN connection. This method will be faster than backing up your PS4 to the cloud and re-downloading everything.

Before the PS4 Pro launches in November, this update will include a number of features to support that system’s ability to output high resolution content. This includes changes that will allow:

  • 1080p streaming for Remote Play on PC/Mac and compatible Xperia devices
  • 1080p streaming for Share Play
  • 1080p 30/60fps live broadcasting on YouTube
  • 1080p 30fps live broadcasting on Twitch

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