Steam’s Very Human Sale, For Humans

Steam Robot Themed Sale Banner

Dear Humans,

Steam has a special announcement for all you living, breathing, bipeds out there. Steam is offering up to 80% off an array of robo-tastic titles.  There are whole lot of great games on sale this week but here are some particularly interesting titles.

Bit Blaster XL

Simple but addictive, Bit Blaster is a whole lot of fun for under a dollar. Now even MORE under a dollar. This Astroids-esque title brings a splash of color to that old 8bit formula. There a a variety of weapons, unlockable ships, and achievements to shoot for. More than enough to keep you entertained.

The Talos Principle

A Sci-fi puzzler set in beautiful 3D environments. Players must manipulate robots, lazers, even time to navigate through the mysterious story of a lost civilization. There are over 120 puzzles but you can choose your own path through this non linear game.


If survival horror is your thing SOMA will deliver. In the isolated depths of the ocean lies a research station with a truly twisted mystery. You can’t fight, you can only survive. So players must sneak and outsmart enemies to escape this psychological thriller.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Remastered with all new hand drawn graphics this is a revival of the classic point and click adventure from Lucas Arts. Travel through time and stop evil mutant tentacles from taking over the world! It is a bizarre tale with a wicked sense of humor that is still fun more than 20 years later.

This sale is on until 10am PST Friday.  You can find all the games on sale on Steam. Will you be picking anything from Steam this week?

Steam Robot Themed Sale Banner Beware

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