Pokémon Go Tempts Players with Halloween Treats

This weekend from October 26 to November 1, Niantic will be offering Pokémon Go players incentives to get excited about the game again.  Players will have an increased likelihood of finding ghost or psychic type Pokémon.

Oh! and Zubats, because they’re spooky

In case those Drowzees are not enough to get you to log back in, Niantic will also be increasing the candy earn rate. All Pokemon will receive bonus candy which amounts to 6 candy per catch and 2 for every Pokemon you trade in. Your Pokémon buddies will also benefit when you get out for a little Pokémon Hunting this weekend, as they will find candy at 4 times the usual rate.

The increased candy availability is certainly good news for players still working to evolve those rarer Pokémon but will it be enough to stop the game’s player base decline?

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