Naughty Dog Confirms Last of Us: Part II with First Footage

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Naughty Dog announces Last of Us sequel simply titled “Part II” but not a release date

PS4 Players will take control of Ellie on a path of revenge

PlayStation finished their press conference at PSX this weekend strong with a very special preview. The Last of Us: Part II. 


Keeping with the morose atmosphere of the first game the teaser for the Last of Us: Part II begins in a serene forest but quickly grows darker as we see the dilapidated town which has clearly been the site of something bad. Eventually the first sign that this would be the sequel a lot of fans have been waiting to hear about: the Firefly symbol. The crowd watching live in Anaheim immediately reacted with excitement. 

The video does not give a lot of context for how the world has changed since Joel (Troy Baker) and Ellie (Ashley Johnson) made their escape but it does show a few interesting things. Joel and Ellie are still making their way through the Cordyceps stricken world together. They appear to be having violent run in’s with the organization who thinks Ellie is the key to fighting the infection. Ellie is all grown up and ready to take things into her own hands.

Last of Us Part 2 Teaser Screenshot

Shortly after the reveal PlayStation hosted a PSX panel about the sequel including the games writer director Neil Druckmann. He confirmed that it is set several years later and that you will be playing as Ellie in this game. He also shared that this story would be about her anger and hate so this story may be even darker than The Last Us, if that is possible. He declined to offer further details.

The panel went on to talk about their passion for this franchise and trepidation for revisiting the story. Druckmann wanted to assure fans that they would not be making a sequel if they didn’t have the right story. They also shared some of the new motion caption technology they have been using to bring these characters to life in astounding detail. There will also be updates to the gameplay mechanics and Druckmann promises a game play reveal is also one it’s way.

There is not a lot of information but presumably the the people she wants to kill are the Fireflies. It is unclear what the change that will make these two go on the offensive is but the final line of the trailer suggests this will be a tale of revenge. 

Last of US Part 2 Title

The panelists also declined to offer a date for Part II but they have already been working on it for almost two years so hopefully it won’t be too long. Any theories about the new story? Let us know, and join in the conversation below, on Facebook, Twitter, or in the forums!


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