PS4 Will Finally Support External HDDs

External HDDs, custom wallpapers, and 3D movies in VR all part of the new 4.5 Software Update for PS4.

PS4 owners who were accepted into the beta program will be able to download the 4.5 system software update. The update, codenamed Sasuke, is being beta tested within a small group of PS4 players before it is rolled out to all PS4 owners.

PS4 System Software 4.50 -HDD

4.5 includes a number of updates but the one PS4 owners may be most excited about is the new external HDD support. Users will now have the opportunity to attach a USB 3.0 HDD up to 8 TB. This means that you will have more storage for your increasing catalog. Games can be installed directly on the external HDD and all content saved to an external hard drive will appear in the Content Launcher of the Home Screen.

Sony has made updates to the user interface of the PS4 as well. The quick menu will now cover less of the games that it interrupts and allow players to create parties, join, and invite players without having to transition to the Party app. The team has also condensed the notification menu to simplify all messages into a single display. The update will also allow users to set custom wallpapers such as one of your screenshots so you can showcase those screenshots you spent all that time making perfect.

PS4 System Software Update 4.50 -notifications

As the last significant change in the 4.5 update, Sony is added support for 3D movies on the PlayStation VR. This means even as 3D TVs fall out of favor you can still enjoy your 3D Blu-rays in stereoscopic 3D on your PlayStation VR.  For more information on the updates including general launch date stay tuned.

Are you testing the new system software update? Are there any other interesting changes you like about it? Let us know in the comments below or talk to us on FacebookTwitter, or on our forums!

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