Soon You Will Be Able to Buy Games From Twitch

The streaming platform moves towards a direct sales model where partnered streamers will earn 5% of the revenue earned when the service goes live in Spring 2017.

Twitch knows that one of the biggest driving factors of their service is the ability for users to watch a game in action. Game trailers and even gameplay released by developers and publishers have a tendency to not always show the whole story, they are after all trying to sell you a game. While there is plenty of promotional material on Twitch, it has developed a reputation as a place gamers can trust to see how the game actually handles. The platform is now moving ahead with a plan to capitalize this unique position by offering games for sale directly from streams.

Twitch Screenshot Feb 27 2017 Ubisoft
Ubisoft is one of the many initial developers who will be using Twitch as a sales platform.

Twitch announced today that they would be adding the option to buy certain games directly on pages streaming those games. The links will appear on all streams for the games included, however, only partnered streamers will earn 5% on all revenue generated from sales via the link on their stream. Streamers who are partners will have to opt-in if they wish to benefit from the sales. There does not appear to be an opt-out for Streamers who may not wish to sell games on their channel.

Although they have not mentioned with titles will be included in the program they did supply a list of developers who they are working with. The list includes Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Digital Extremes, Double Fine Games, tinyBuild, Devolver Digital, Trion Worlds, and more.

Twitch says users from all over the world will be able to use the service, however, games will only be sold in US dollars. After purchase games will be available through a Twitch Launcher or through existing platforms such as Uplay. As an added bonus users who purchase their games on Twitch will earn special Twitch Crates, as long as the purchase was more than $4.99 USD, including special emotes and chat badges.

Get it on Twitch from Twitch on Vimeo.

Get it on Twitch will be live in the Spring. Does it make sense to buy where you watch? Should streamers be able to choose whether or not to host a purchase link? Let us know in the comments below or talk to us on FacebookTwitter, or on our forums!

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