Rick and Morty’s Next Adventure, Rocket League

Rocket League is celebrating its two-year anniversary July 5th with a big update and Rick and Morty.

Yup, we have been enjoying rocket car soccer for two years now and to celebrate Psyonix has big plans for next week’s update. The second-anniversary update will feature a free new arena, new achievements, new cars, and kick off competitive season five. The update, available July 5th, will also feature new customization options including unique items from Rick and Morty.

Rocket League Rick and Morty Customizations
Adult Swim has teamed up with Psyonix to offer players, and fans, FREE customization items such as Rick and Morty Antennas, along with ‘Cromulon,’ ‘Mr. Meeseeks,’ and ‘Mr. PBH’ Toppers, an ‘Interdimensional GB’ Rocket Boost, and some familiar-looking ‘Sanchez DC-137’ Wheels. As a bonus, there will even be a ‘Cromulon’ Topper can drop as a Painted item!

All the new Rick and Morty items will be available as common drops after both offline and online matches.

There will be plenty of other new items in the anniversary update. A new Overdrive Crate will be available and features two new Battle-Cars: Animus GP, and Centio V17. Overdrive Crates will be available as limited drops after Online matches. There will also be a huge assortment of new wheels, decals, and black market items.

You can also expect a brand new arena which will be free for all players. ‘Champions Field’ features a massive statue featuring Rocket League’s shield logo, triple-decker seating, and so much lighting the International Space Station could spot it! You will be able to compete on Champions field in all Competitive and Online playlists, and will be available in Private Matches as well.

Rocket League Champions-Field

The event will mark the end of season four of competitive play so players that have ranked can expect their rewards soon. Grand champions will receive a special in game title while everyone else will receive a new kind of reward. The Psyonix team is making a few changed to competitive play starting with the introduction of “trails” as prizes.

These unique trails can replace the typical white-purple-blue trail that is usually behind cars that achieve supersonic speeds. Moving forward they will also be adjusting the time between seasons of competitive play. Seasons will roll out faster and be shorter moving forward.

Rocket League Animus GP

Are you pumped for the anniversary event? Let us know in the comments below and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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