An Interview with Shuyan Saga’s Kristin Kreuk

We chat with the star of Shuyan Saga, Kristin Kreuk about Shuyan Saga, the move to voice acting, and gaming.

We had the opportunity to speak with Kristin (Smallville) at Fan Expo Canada this weekend about her newest project, Shuyan SagaDeveloped by Lofty Sky Entertainment, this visual novel draws on traditional Chinese lore to build their own mythos and original story. This is a first for Kristin, a self-professed nongamer, but she shares with us all about her trepidation about the medium, how Shuyan Saga helped her over come that, and challenges for voice over work.

Watch our interview from Fan Expo here or read the transcript below.

Lc: What made this a compelling project for you to work on

Kristin: I am not a gamer, so this is not a world that I am super familiar and I have been offered to participate in games in the past but I always found them – and I’m going to sound just like a horrible old lady in many ways – but I don’t love super violent shooter games, I don’t even know all the lingo but I just struggle with it a lot and this game had all that combat, the kung fu isn’t a super bloody martial art in that sense. It’s combat, but it also has a narrative that I think is uplifting and inspiring versus something that is a little more cynical.

Lc: How does Shuyan rise to the occasion.

Kristin: She is a teenager, a kid. This is a girl who is a princess, she’s grown up with everything. Anything she wants she can have but she loves Kung Fu and when her kingdom is threatened she has to really use and practice Kung fu in a more traditional sense in order for her to harness her own power so that she can succeed against the bad guys. So it really is an internal personal journey that she goes through that challenges her ego and uses her strong willed-ness in the right direction. That isn’t entirely personally driven but something that is open to the community.

shuyan saga - Shuyan

Lc: The majority of your work has been on screen, how have you found the transition to voice work.

Kristin: Voice work is really challenging and specific. When you’re acting on camera you have all these tools to convey how you’re feeling and when it’s just your voice it is very specific. And the way we did it anyway, I don’t know how everyone else does for everything else, line by line by line so you don’t see the arc in the same way.  It’s really about giving a lot of variety and specificity to your intonation and intention within the line. So that is is really clear when someone is playing the game what’s going on emotionally for your character. So that’s really challenging

Lc: I can imagine, not having someone to act against

Kristin: Exactly and not to use the crutch of your body, but it’s also really fun because you just get to go into the booth and it’s generally with a bunch of weirdos and you all are just goofy together and play around and that’s it.


Lc: I can image there is a certain amount of freedom in that

Kristin: There’s so much freedom in that!

Lc: Do you have any other projects coming up, perhaps more video games in your future? Has this changed your mind of games a bit?

Kristin: Yeah, I;m working on a show right now with a lot of young people and some older male adults and everyone talks about the games that they love. Some of them just sound beautiful. Gorgeous narratives that sound like they are moving and lovely and all of that sounds really fascinating. And they are huge like everybody across the board loves gaming and I think that the world has changed, the landscape has changed.

Lc: Yes, definitely more ok to be a “gamer” and there is so much more variety from visual novels to more traditional shooters. OK, no pressure here because I know you’re not a gamer. What was the last thing you played?

Kristin: On the airplane, I played Solitaire on my phone and I love Tetris. You know the game I used to love, this is stupid, Brickbreaker. That’s the reason I kept my Blackberry so long.

Lc: All classics in our book.

Thanks again to Kristin and the team at Lofty Sky Entertainment. Shuyan Saga is available right now on Steam and you can learn more about the game right here at DVS gaming.

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