DVS at FanExpo Canada 2017

PSVR, Assassin’s Creed, & more. Our highlights from FanExpo Canada 2017.

PAX West wasn’t the only big event this weekend, DVS got a chance to hit FanExpo Canada held in Toronto, Canada. Here are a few of the high lights for us at one of the biggest pop culture conventions in North America.

FanExpo Canada North Building

PlayStation VR

One of the best gaming booths at the convention this year was PlayStation and not just because of all the cool VR games they brought. They also had games like Detroit and their new PlayStation Link on display. The really great thing was the lack of lines, they streamed their booth by adding a scheduling function which allowed players to book a spot on one of their many systems via a special event. Points for crowd management.

They also brought a whole lot of different VR experiences including Bravo Team, Rom Extraction, Monsters of the Deep, Grand Turismo, and Moss. I got to try a couple myself and really enjoyed the immersive gameplay. I can’t say I am ready to lay down all that cash for a peripheral just yet but

It’s funny because graphics don’t quite match up to the new 4K game visuals you can find and yet they draw you in twice as much. I find myself closing one while I aim down the sights of my virtual weapon. Every year I try something new on VR and every time I am blown away by the gameplay possibilities and how much it keeps improving.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

When I heard that Ubisoft wouldn’t have its own booth this year I was a bit disappointed. I love checking out their games and even their store but there was no Ubisoft Workshop this year. Luckily Ubisoft was still very present at FanExpo; I got to play Far Cry 5 at the HyperX booth and Assassin’s Creed: Origins at the Xbox One X booth. The latter was a real highlight for me after watching weeks’ worth of gameplay from different YouTubers.

FanExpo Canada Xbox Booth Assassins Creed Origins
Playing the Assassin’s Creed Demo

Seeing it on the Xbox One X was incredible. The lighting in the game is stunning and the colors are dynamic. It is a big divergence from industrial London’s grays found in Syndicate. I was a little concerned that brown would be the new gray because the game is set in the desert but I delighted to find the range in colors and the vibrancy of the scenery.

The combat is also very different and it took me a moment to get a hang of it to be honest. It did leave me a little concerned about how much of Assassin’s Creed iconic stealth gameplay has been lost heading in this new RPG direction but I remain hopeful that gameplay is as polished as the rest. Enemies are more reactive and you will certainly have to be paying a little more attention when you fight them. Button mashing will not end well, especially at the higher levels. I think it will certainly be more of a learning curve than previous games in the franchise but I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

For me, one of the most impressive parts was the water. I know that sounds ridiculous but I don’t think I have been this excited about in game water since Uncharted. It is just so cool to watch it react and looks so beautiful. It has me seriously considering upgrading my PS4.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Another game I have been watching all summer, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. The biggest LEGO Super Hero world with more than double the number of marvel characters to play with. Warner Bros. had the demo at their booth and I had so much fun (despite being out played by a child). The puzzles are fun to solve and I think even more intuitive than ever before. The gameplay is fun and the colors are bright. We battled as the Guardians of the Galaxy and I loved seeing the new character animations. TT Games has really outdone themselves with how much expression they can bring to this digital LEGO. Of course, at the core of these LEGO games is the smashing up the world in search of studs which never disappoints.

Lego Marvel 2 Rocket & Baby Groot
Rocket & Baby Groot

Shuyan Saga

We had a fantastic opportunity to meet the creative team behind a new interactive novel, Shuyan Saga. We got to chat with the game’s producer about the game and what makes it a bit different from typical Visual Novels. They not only crafted an original story for the game, but also created a 3D combat system to augment the game.

We also got to chat with the game’s star, Kristin Kreuk. The gaming industry may have converted the self-professed “non-gamer”. You can watch our full interview below.

FanExpo Canada Gallery

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