Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Confirmed Character Roster (So Far)

All the characters that have been confirmed for Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and the Chronopolis World Hub map.

We already know that the game will have over 200 characters, about double that of the original game. That is a lot of characters to list off but over the past few months, TT Games and Warner Brothers Interactive have been revealing some of their favourites we will be able to play with when Lego Marvel Super Heroes is released in November.


Of course, they were quick to confirm participation from some of the MCUs hottest characters including the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy with Minifigures reflecting the designs from the newest films and LEGO sets. We will likely see several iterations of some iconic characters, Iron Man for instance who has multiple sets of armor. The Inhumans have also been front and centre in anticipation of their upcoming series no doubt.

The following is a list of characters that have been confirmed either through gameplay previews, trailers, or the games Twitter account.

Adam Warlock Drax Kingpin Shocker
Agent Venom Eliza Klaw Silk
Ant-Man Enchantress Korg Songbird
Arizona Annie Gamora Korvac Spider-Gwen
Attuma Ghost Rider Kraven the Hunter Spider-Ham
Baron Mordor Giant-Man Lady Spider (May Rilley)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
Baron Zemo Gladiator Hulk (Thor Ragnarok) Living Totem
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Beta Ray Bill Goliath (Hank Pym) Lockjaw Spider-Man 2099
Black Bolt Gorgon Loki
Spider-Man Homecoming Hand Made Suit
Black Cat Gorilla-Man (Agents of Atlas Character Pack) Luke Cage (70s & Noir) Spider-Man Noir
Black Panther Grandmaster Maestro Star-Lord
Blade Green Goblin Man-Ape Super Adaptoid
Blue Marvel Greenskyn Smashtroll Man-Thing Taserface
Bulls-Eye Groot (Baby Groot & Adult) Martinex (Classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack)
Thor (Jane Foster)
Captain America Gwen Stacy Maximus
Thor (Thor Ragnarok)
Captain America 2099 Gwen-pool Medusa Throg
Captain America Old West Hammerhead Misty Knight
Tony Stark (Old West)
Captain Assyria Hawkeye MODOK Triton
Captain Avalon Heimdall Morbius
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Captain Corbett Hela (Thor Ragnarok) Mysterio Ursa Major
Captain Marvel Hellcow Nebula Valkyrie
Carnom Hit-Monkey Nikki (Classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack) Venom
Charlie-27 Hobgoblin Nosferata Venom 2099
Chipmunk Hunk Horus Odin Vision
Coi Boy Howard the Duck (Iron Duck) Phantom Rider Vormund
Cosmo Hulk Quake
Vulture (Spider-Man Homecoming)
Crossbones Hulk 2099 Red Hulk Warmaker
Crystal Iron Fist Red She Hulk Wasp
Daredevil Iron Man (Infinite Iron Man Armor) Red Wolf White Tiger
Daredevil Noir Iron Man (Old West Armor) Rocket Raccoon Winter Soldier
DarkHawk Iron Man 2020 Ronan the Accuser Wong
Doctor Octopus Kang the Conqueror Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) Yellowjacket
Doctor Strange Kid Colt Scorpion
Yondu (Classic Guardians of the Galaxy) (Available as Pre-order bonus)
Dormammu Killmonger She Hulk  Red Guardian

Hero Gallery


Chronopolis World Hub Regions

Chronopolis is made up of 18 different Marvel settings. In total it’s 4-5 times larger than the last Lego Marvel world hub. It will be the largest map in the Lego Super Heroes game to date not only from end to end but also from top to bottom and will feature underwater areas in Lemuria as well as multiple floating areas including Knowhere.

Locations include:

Nueva York  Wakanda  The Old West
 Asgard  The Swamp  Knowhere
 Coliseum  Manhattan  Egypt
 K’un-lun  Lemuria  The Hydra Empire
 Noir New York  Medieval England Hala
Sakarr Attilan

Lego Marvel 2 Chronopolis Map.jpg

Character Creator

TT games also recently showed off the game’s new character creation system for making your own superheroes at NYCC. TT Games has built a very comprehensive character customizer that allows players to create any hero they want.

Players will have control over all the basic elements including choosing leg, torso, hand, head, and hair pieces. They can mix and match and colour every piece however they choose. It looks as though you will be able to choose from a collection of both generic and character-specific elements to create your hero.

That’s not all because when you are done creating your perfect character you can also pick his or her abilities. Mapping Marvel’s vast collection of powers to your characters different attacks. Players can customize their attacks right down to its elemental makeup. It should be pretty cool to see all the possibilities.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 will be available November 14, 2017, for PC, PS4, and Xbox. It will also be available for the Nintendo Switch later in the Holiday Season.

We will keep this list up to date as the release date approaches. Have you spotted any heroes who we missed?

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