New Lego Marvel Heroes 2 Gameplay at EGX

 TT Games share new characters, new moves, and story gameplay at EGX.

This weekend at EGX, TT Games streamed some new content from Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. The game’s executive producer Phillip Ring shared 20 minutes of new gameplay featuring story and free-roam gameplay in Chronopolis. Keep a keen eye on the video to spot a few more yet announced characters.

New Characters in Action

We did get to see more of Starlord, Carnom (who will also be a mini-boss before he is unlocked), Old West Iron Man, Loki, multiple Thors, and Spider-Gwen. With a roster of over 200 characters, it should be no surprise there are multiple iterations of some characters. We have already seen multiple versions of Spider-man and Iron Man and in this video, we saw multiple Thors. Ring noted that having multiple versions of the characters is not simply roster building but it will come into play in the story as well.

If you paying attention you may have spotted some yet unconfirmed characters on the roster, including Quake. We have already seen some characters from the Noir-verse, Spider-man 2099, and the Old West. There will likely be more from all of those as well as Egyptian Avengers. For all of the confirmed characters so far we are keeping an up to date list right here.

Lego Marvel Spider-Gwen Drums.png

Ring demonstrated some of the unique abilities you can access for characters. Press and hold circle to activate alternative quirky abilities such as Starlord’s walkman or Spider-Gwen’s drum kit. These are fun and add to the charm of the game but can also be used in combat. We also got to see some of Iron Man and Howard the ducks suit up animations.

New Gameplay

We have seen quite a bit of the game’s open world free-roam already but this stream gave us a look at some of the story levels as well. Each level introduced with a quick story recap from J. Jonah Jameson (I assume only in chapter select mode). It is the longest Lego Marvel story to date and will have branching story elements where players will be able to choose the missions they want to go on as the heroes fight against Kang. For this demo, Ring showed us a level where Thor and the gang take on Sutur.

Boss fights have been overhauled. Bosses will now adapt to your attacks which means you won’t necessarily be able to defeat them by spamming the same attack over and over. Ring tells viewers this was an intentional decision to add depth to the game without locking out younger gamers.

Lego marvel 2 Sutur Battle
Lego Marvel 2 Level 7 Sutur Battle

Perhaps most excitingly we got to see how some classic characters have evolved. Players will be able to charge certain abilities to unlock alternative attacks. In Captain America’s case, you can charge up the shield attack and then slide around on his shield in a battle. Thor can charge Mjölnir to unleash a powerful lightning attack or to charge electrical panels. Combined moves will also return allowing characters to combine powers to create powerful attacks or solve puzzles.

Gwen-pool made an appearance in the level, Ring confirming what we learned earlier this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con, that Gwen-pool will play a big roll in the game. Taking Deadpool’s role from the earlier game as a provider of special quests where players will collect pink bricks to unlock special content. That’s not all though, she will also feature heavily in the story, for instance in this demo level where she delivers a much-needed assist in the battle against Sutur.

The Inhumans

The Inhumans weren’t featured at EGX last weekend but we know they are in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. We have seen official images Lockjaw and Medusa, and you may have caught a glimpse of Black Bolt in the game’s Chronopolis trailer. Now we have a trailer dedicated to them with a look at a few more characters including Maximus, Crystal, Gorgon, and Triton.

There are still many characters yet to be confirmed, have you spotted anyone we missed? Who else are you hoping to see in the game?

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