Rockstar Drops a New Trailer for Red Dead Redemption II

Train robberies, alligators, and violence punctuate the newest Red Dead Redemption II Trailer.

Last week Rockstar Games teased a new piece of the Red Dead Redemption II and right on schedule, they have dropped a new story trailer for fans to obsess over. This story focused trailer introduces us to the game’s protagonist Arthur Morgan, who seems to be a very bad dude. He is running around robbing, threatening, shooting, and blowing the old west up with none other than Dutch Van der Linde. The check out the trailer below.

There is still a lot Rockstar has not confirmed but this trailer does have a few hints of what we can expect next year. Some of the standout moments feature robberies. Rockstar has confirmed that RDR2 will feature an online component and given GTA’s heist system it looks like there will be cowboy bank and train heists for players. We also see scenes of exploration, hunting, horse taming, stealth kills, and roughing up locals to collect money.

There is no confirmed location other than the “heart of America” or time period but we see several characters here that inform us this is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption. Arthur Morgan is the central character and he is working with Dutch Van der Linde and his gang. If Morgan is indeed the lead character in Red Dead Redemption II it looks like we will be playing a pretty bad guy early on in the reign of the Van der Linde gang.

A disadvantage of a prequel is fans will have a fair idea of where all of this action is heading, but that doesn’t mean Rockstar doesn’t have room for a compelling story. It will be interesting to see how the “redemption” angle plays out in this prequel. This also leaves room for more familiar characters to return such as a young John Marston (the young boy midway through the trailer perhaps?).


Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer 2 Duel Weild

Some may be disappointed that there hasn’t been any gameplay as of yet. The game has been delayed until spring of 2018 so they have plenty of time to drip-feed fans if they want to continue building the hype. PSX is in December so that will likely be our next opportunity to see how the game is developing but Rockstar like to do things on their own timetable so who knows.

Red Dead Redemption has been confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox.

What part of the trailer are you most excited about?

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