Cosmo is Calling All Super Heroes In the New Lego Marvel 2 Trailer

A new story trailer and details on the DLC content in the season pass.

Marvel’s Cosmo is sending an urgent message to all heroes to join forces to defeat Kang. The newest Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 trailer shows us the game’s story and gives us an idea of how the heroes of the Marvel universe plan to fight Kang. We also get a first look at some yet unseen characters including Ronan the Accusor, Beta Ray Bill, Stingray, Attuma, and a few others. Good Boy Cosmo!

A lesser known but very powerful villain Kang is using his ship the Damocles to collect worthy opponents from all over the Marvel Universe in his new city Chronopolis. The developers have been working with LEGO and Marvel, including Marvel writer Kurt Busiek who has written Kang storylines in the past, to bring this story to life. According to Busiek, Kang is looking for a challenging fight and our heroes plan to give it to him.

TT Games and Marvel have brought a huge collection of Marvel heroes into the game. The time and space bending story has allowed them to collect all f their greatest heroes as well as variants from across the history of Marvel. These variations such as Spider-man 2099 or an old west version of Iron Man aren’t just extra collectibles in the game many will serve the story as well. You can see our up to date list of the confirmed heroes right here. So far TT Games has confirmed about 100 of the over 200 promised characters.

Lego Marvel 2 Spider-Gwen, Cosmo, Captain Avalon, & Beta Ray Bill
Spider-Gwen, Cosmo, Captain Avalon, & Beta Ray Bill

Season Pass

TT Games has also released details on what players will get in the season pass. There are six level packs featuring Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2, Black Panther, Cloak and Dagger, Inifinty War, Ant-man and the Wasp, and the Runaways. There will also be four bonus set of characters including Agents of Atlas, Out of Time, Champions, and the Classic Guardians of the Galaxy. There are no details on when each pack will be available but presumably, they will line up with the release of the upcoming Marvel films.

The season pass is included with the game’s Deluxe Edition for only $15 USD more than the base game or it can be purchased separately. If you pre-order the game you will receive early access to the Classic Guardians of the Galaxy character pack and if you pre-order the Deluxe edition you will receive an exclusive Giant-Man LEGO Minifigure. Although we don’t know exactly what the Level Packs entail it looks like a good value.

Lego marvel 2 season pass

This is already a massive amount of content of Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. The World Hub features 18 iconic Marvel locations including Manhattan, Ancient Egypt, Medival England, The Hydra Empire, Wakanda and more. The developers have packed it with bonus missions and extra content to keep players busy, as well as adding a character creator and a co-op arena mode to battle your friends.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 will be available November 14, 2017, for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox. What is the best Lego Marvel reveal you have seen so far?

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