PlayStation at Paris Games Week

Parlez-Vous Francais? Sony shares new footage from some of the biggest 2018 titles in anticipation of PGW 2017.

Paris Games Week kicks off Wednesday but that hasn’t stopped Sony from release a whole load of new game trailers. They range from cinematics to actual gameplay and shed some more like on some of the hotly anticipated titles for next year.

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The Last of Us Part 2

This trailer is cinematic is rather brutal which is in line with the dark tones that the first game began to explore. It is also curiously absent of the series protagonists Joel and Ellie. Instead, we find a new group of survivors, actually two groups one of which has religious zealot thing down pretty well and is probably one of the groups of enemies we can expect in the Last of Us: Part 2.

The second is a pair, Yara and Lev, who seem to be in the same against the odds situation as Joel and Ellie. The cinematic ends as some infected rush our new characters which may be a transition point for gameplay. The mystery character, voiced by Laura Bailey (Uncharted Lost Legacy), about to be lynched may be one of the new protagonists for the game.


Now that Lost Legacy has launched production of the Last of Us: Part II is in full swing. Naughty Dog’s Game Director Neil Druckmann, says that it is a culmination of everything the studio has learned from their previous titles in terms of technology they are putting into the title.

The creative team is added more characters to the story to allow them to tell different stories with different themes. Druckmann has previously spoken at E3 about how hate would be a central theme for this part of Joel and Ellie’s journey so new characters allow them to explore other aspects of their world.

The Last of Us was praised for its storytelling and character building and while I want to know how the story of Joel and Ellie continues I am excited about meeting more characters in Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic world. We may have to wait a while though because Naughty Dog won’t confirm a 2018 release.

God of War 4

The new God of War 4 trailer shows us a quick look at the some of the new mechanics and dynamics of Atreus and Kratos. Kratos’ new ice powered axe seems a little more brutal than his previous Blades but just as fluid and rewarding to use. They do have the added advantage of a throw and return mechanic as well.

Atreus battles alongside his father and offers help in the form of pointing out opportunities and setting enemies up for powerful finishing moves. The fight is not too long, but it makes the game look great, from the textures to the lighting to the gameplay mechanics. We will get to see for ourselves sometime in “early 2018”.


Marvel’s Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive that has fans very excited since E3 earlier this year. This new trailer reveals more of the story for the upcoming game and gives us a look at Spidey’s alter ego Peter Parker along with the less than super-realities of his life.

It looks stunning and the gameplay appears to be fluid and fun. Spider-Man leaps effortlessly around using his web shooter to set traps, as attacks, and to assist him during fights. The gameplay is a little reminiscent of the Arkham franchise as Spider-Man can thin out the numbers with various web shooter tactics before engaging in hand to hand.

It appears as though Marvel’s Spider-Man has a lot of big set-piece moments in to punctuate a big superhero story.

Detroit Become Human

Detroit reveals another of its branching stories in an emotional new trailer. The game is all about choice and will follow multiple characters in a future where AI and robot technology has advanced to the point where the machines are becoming self-aware.

Every story will give the player a series of choices on how to progress which will affect the outcome. We have seen three of the stories so far and each seems more high stakes than the last.

How would you play the situation? Could you find a good outcome? Judging by what we have seen from the game so far “good” may be relevant. All choices have consequences and will way on you. It certainly won’t be a light play when it comes out in 2018.

Sony VR

Finally the VR sizzle reel. I don’t have a headset yet but every show makes me want to change that more. There are already some great games available but as big studios such as Bethesda, Rockstar and Sony invest more in the platform the content is only getting better.

The sizzle reel shows off Ace Combat, Moss, and Resident Evil VR as well as a whole host of cool indie games. Stifled and Apex Construct both look particularly interesting to me.

There was plenty more from Sony including more on multiplatform titles such as Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII, and Far Cry 5. We also got a new trailer for the upcoming RPG Monster Hunter World which did reveal that PS4 players will be able to play as Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy as a bonus.

You can also check out the latest gameplay from the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC the Frozen Wilds which is out November 7th.

What was your favourite new trailer from PlayStation’s PGW media blitz?

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