Iconic Marvel Covers Reimagined in LEGO

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 hits stores today and to celebrate let’s look at some of the custom art LEGO artist Dan Veesenmeyer has created for the game.

Lego Marvel 2 is a new original story featuring Kang the Conqueror who has captured heroes from all over the Marvel universe. The game has a unique collection of over 200 characters (you can take a look a many of the previously confirmed ones here). It was co-written by Marvel writer Kurt Busiek (comics writer, Avengers Forever) and brought to life by TT Games and it looks pretty damn amazing whether you are a fan of LEGO, Marvel or just video games in general.

Lego Marvel 2 Iconic Cover Inhumans
Inhumans #8, one of Dan’s favourite from this series.

One of the special things TT Games has included is a collection of iconic Marvel covers lovingly reimagined in LEGO by artist Dan Veesenmeyer. These special covers are in-game collectables that players will have to unlock.

In an interview with Marvel News Dan detailed what goes into making one of these LEGO recreations:

Rendering the LEGO Minifigure has its own set of rules I must always adhere to. Not every piece of cover art can be easily translated into the Minifigure form. Some of the more extreme, abstract posing of super hero figures just cannot be translated into tiny limbs. The other challenge is trying my best to match the original cover artist’s style beyond rendering the figures. Some artwork might feature straight up black ink and flat colors while other styles feature elaborate painted backgrounds or Photoshopped special effects. It can take some trial and error to figure out how to closely match with my digital tool set.

There are 20 classic Marvel covers “for the game’s initial release”, according to Dan, which perhaps suggests more may be added later on with the additional level packs. The selection spans every Marvel era, from the Golden Age through modern day. Take a look at the 17 (shared by Marvel and Dan) of the covers below.

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