Trial of the Gods: Sobek Guide

The second of Assassin’s Creed: Origins‘ community events is up and it pits you against a crocodile. A very big crocodile.

Sobek is the Egyptian god of water and fertility and like many other Egyptian gods, he has the head of an animal, in this case, a crocodile. Facing off against this giant god is fairly similar to the first Trial against Anubis. Sobek has a few different attacks but as long as you are aware of your surroundings you should be able to finish Sobek off without too much trouble.

Fighting Sobek

You will find Sobek in marshes on the North Eastern part of the map. You can track the new objective via your Objectives menu if you get lost. The animus glitch is on a small swampy island. You’ll spot it from a distance but you will need to get very close to trigger the fight.

These Trials are fairly straightforward:

  • Attack the giant glowing orb on Sobeks chest
  • Stay within the fight zone (you will know if you have moved too far because you will see parts of the animus glitch on screen)
  • Be patient
  • Be aware of his attacks

Once Sobek appears all you need to do is keep pouring arrows into that bright ball on his chest. The tricky part of the battle is to stay mobile. Sobek’s attacks are powerful and frequent but easily avoided as long as you keep moving. Shoot a few times and then dodge is generally how it goes. Don’t push your luck with your attacks, acting on the side of caution may make the fight longer by a minute or two but will get the job done.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_Light Bow
I picked up this Composite Bow at the Assassin’s Bureau. It is fast and provides health on hit.

I recommend quick bow because it’s fast and easy. More powerful bows may work faster but reduce your ability to see his attacks coming. You should also try to find a weapon that helps regenerate your health. There are weapons in all classes that provide health either on attack, critical, or death. These are helpful because unless your dodges are flawless you could find yourself in trouble. A single attack could take up to a third of your health bar. Bayek will only regenerate to his nearly third of the health bar but a weapon that buffs regeneration can help put you back within reach of full health.

Your bow will do most of the work, Bayek locks onto Sobek’s weak point easily, if he doesn’t try cancelling your attack and retrying. Then just fire away. Don’t worry about ammunition because bags of arrows will fall on the battlefield regularly just keep an eye out for the glowing shimmer they give off.

Sobek attacks regularly so be patient, you can land a few arrows before each attack so as long as you are quick and keep moving you will be able to avoid most of his attacks while you whittle down his health bar.

Sobek’s Attacks

Sobek has are four kinds of attack.

The first is a ground pound move that generates a wave of rocks that radiates out from him. This attack is preempted by a fairly clear red zone in the area it will affect. The zone is fairly wide so one dodge won’t cut it unless you are already at the edge. Just run to either side to avoid the rocks. As you work away Sobek’s health these attacks will begin to double up so keep an eye out for a second wave, usually where you just moved to.

The second attack is a variation of the first. Instead of waves mounds of ground erupt from below Bayek. These will also be marked by several red circles which are usually grouped together with a little space in between. These are easy to avoid, just step into one of the not red zones. If you are aiming down your bow sight it may be hard to determine that you are in one so you’ll want to stay aware.

Assassin's Creed® Origins Trial of the Gods: Sobek second ground attack
Always watch out for those red zones.

A third attack is a group of man-sized Sobeks. These Sobek soldiers are just like the Anubis warriors from the previous trial. They are level 40 enemies who can deal a lot of damage with a single blow but they have a fairly poor defence. If you use a fast weapon you can hack a slash them down with little trouble while you block and dodge to avoid being hit. The key is not to let them surround you; keep moving and try to eliminate them one at a time. They will appear twice, the second time with a heavy (save your adrenaline overpower move for him in the second wave).

Sobek will actually help you out during this part. He continues his wave attack and while it won’t damage enemies it will knock any enemies caught in it to the ground. This allows you to double back and wipe them out before they have even found their footing again. During this section, you cannot attack Sobek but killing off his soldiers will diminish his health.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_Trial of the Gods: Sobek wave attack
Waves will radiate outward and deal damage if you’re caught in them. They can also be used against smaller enemies.

The last attack begins once you have whittled Sobek’s health to about half. He will shower you with a fairly benign rain of arrows. Again this attack is indicated by a large red zone. It is hard to outrun the zone before the attack begins but Bayek’s shield block is an effective defence against the arrows.

Assassin's Creed® Origins Trial of the Gods: Sobek Arrow Attack
Just block. You can move out of the way while you do so but blocking is an effective defense against attack.

Once you have Defeated Sobek

When you are done Sobek retreats into the animus glitch he came from and you will earn a small amount of XP, 250 Drachmas, and a piece of Anubis gear. This is part of a set that, when completed, will grant players a unique armor set. If you can’t defeat Sobek or missed Anubis don’t worry, there are more Trials on the way and Ubisoft has stated they will also begin repeating at some stage.

You can challenge Sobek as often as you want for more XP or cash but you will only receive one piece of Anubis gear the first time you defeat him.

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