Trial of the Gods: Sekhmet Guide

Sekhmet was Egyptian goddess of the hunt. Part woman, part lioness, part death beam apparently, but easy enough to outmanoeuvre and defeat.

An animus glitch brings a larger than life version of the god into Origins, but don’t let her size worry you. She has four kinds of attack that can deal devastating damage but with the right tools and as long as you stay agile you’ll be able to take down a god. First tip, avoid doing what I did and rush over to her without ANY arrows. The game drops arrows for you but you feel pretty foolish running around for the first 30 seconds.

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Fighting Sekhmet

There are four types of attacks you have to watch out for but other than that quick bow work does the rest (aim for that glowing orb on his chest if that isn’t already obvious). You will find Sekhmet in the Desheret Desert in the very south of the map. It is a bit of a ride from the closest fast travel point. You can track the new objective via your Objectives menu if you get lost. You’ll spot it from a distance but you will need to get very close to trigger the fight.

These trials are fairly straightforward:

  • Attack the giant glowing orb on Sekhmet’s chest
  • Stay within the fight zone (you will know if you have moved too far because you will see parts of the animus glitch on screen)
  • Be patient
  • Be aware of her attacks

Once Sekhmet appears all you need to do is keep pouring arrows into that bright ball on her chest. The tricky part of the battle is to stay mobile. His attacks are powerful but easily avoided as long as you keep moving. Shoot a few times and then dodge is generally how it goes. Don’t push your luck with your attacks, acting on the side of caution may make the fight longer by a minute or two but it only takes a few direct hits to knock Bayek out of the fight so be wary.

For this challenge, find a weapon that gains you back health points on hit. I have a Legendary Composite Bow which I actually purchased from the Assassin’s Bureau although it can be earned via Reda as well. I also now have the Conductor of Souls sword which I picked up fighting Sobek. It provides a health buff on kills and it’s my new favourite sword. There are weapons in all classes with variations on health buffs so chances are you can find one that works for you.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171205180849
PRO TIP: These guys will spawn close to Sekhmet and you will be able to see whereas she creates them. If you run and get close enough when they materialize there will be a split second you can assassinate (and chain assassinate if you have the perk) one right off the bat.

Her Attacks

The first attack is a literal ring of fire. This attack is signalled by a large red ring which will light on fire. Fire damage is persistent so even if you are only caught in it for a moment it can hurt Bayek. Get clear of the ring ASAP before she has time to set it on fire.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171205180726
Rings of fire are bad, also I can’t recommend being on fire either.

The second attack is her favourite but actually not that difficult to avoid. Sekhmet will fire a beam from her headpiece that will knock a big piece of your health bar off however it is very easy to outrun. In the early part of this battle, the beam is slow enough that you can fire your quick bow and move clear of it at the same time.

This attack does become more aggressive and once you have depleted half her life bar she will create a dual beam that also moves much quicker. It is not hard to outrun however so just keep moving to the left or right during this attack.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171205180748

Sekhmet’s third attack is a wave of regular sized enemies. There will be three waves in total. Wave one and two are normal, albeit level 40, enemies. These guys pack a punch but can be easily hacked into submission depleting her health. Don’t worry about the orb on Sekhmet’s chest during these parts because it won’t be available.

The third wave will include a heavy enemy as well. Save your adrenaline attack or pack an instant charging weapon for him. The important thing with these guys is not to let them surround you and you will be fine. During these sections, you will also have to be wary of Sekhmet’s attacks. She will shoot her beam and balls of fire at you as well so be prepared to manoeuvre around them. A plus side is these attacks damage her own grunts so if you can lure them into the crossfire you can hurt them.

The last attack is the aforementioned fireballs. These are rolling balls of fire that will extend from Sekhmet in straight lines visible as red paths. Sekhmet does seem to try and place them in front of where you are heading so be prepared to turn quickly. Unlike Anubis’ Jackals, the balls do not adjust their course when you do so they are easy to avoid. Just stay out of the red paths.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171205181143

Once You have Defeated Her

When you are done, Sekhmet retreats into the animus glitch he came from and you will earn 1000 XP, 250 Drachmas, and a piece of Anubis gear. This is part of a set that, when completed, will grant players a unique armour set. If you can’t defeat him don’t worry, there are more Trials on the way and Ubisoft has stated they will also begin repeating at some stage.

You can challenge Sekhmet as often as you want for more XP or cash but you will only receive one piece of Anubis gear the first time you defeat him.

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