2020 LEGO Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us so I have rounded up some of my sets from this year as gift suggestions for the LEGO fan in your life.

Gifts Under $50

Mars Research Shuttle is a great choice for space fans. It comes with a shuttle, rover, and drone. It has 273 pieces including two minifigures. On a personal note, I love the orange highlights

The Venom Crawler is a great set at a reasonable price of $39.99 CAD. The crawler build is fun and it comes with three minifigures including Spider-Man, Carnage, and Iron Venom.

Gifts Under $100

Monkie Kid is a new theme this year and every set is a lot of fun. They are colourful and full of little surprises. Pigsy’s Food Truck is one of my favourites. There are plenty of wacky surprises and five new minifigures.

Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt is part of the Jurassic World theme based on the new animated series set before the events of the 2015 Jurassic World film. It comes with four minifigures include the films heroes Own and Claire and two new villains Danny Nedermeyer and Sinjin Prescott.

The Baryonyx is a great looking dinosaur and the truck and trailer are a fun build.

Gifts Under $150

Due to popular demand LEGO has re-released the NASA Apollo Saturn V model this holiday season. It is a fantastic build, with some interesting building techniques. It also looks great when you are done. And as an added easter egg this set has 1969 pieces.

If you are shopping for a super hero fan the Avengers Tower Battle is a great choice in this price range. This small scale replica of the Avenger comes with seven minifigures including Iron Man and Black Widow. It features destructible windows and plenty of fun accessories.

Gifts for the Collector

1989 Batwing is one of my favourite sets this year. A replica of the Batwing from the original Bat. It’s made up of over 2300 pieces and features classic Bat-gadgets. It also features a unique Joker minifigure, Michael Keaton’s Batman, and a Joker Thug. This is a must have for any Batman fan.

Oh and did I mention it can be wall mounted? So when you are finished with this fantastic build you can display for all the world to be impressed by.

Pirates of Barracuda Bay is an amazing build. It is made up of over 2500 pieces and includes eight pirate-y minifigures. This shipwreck features many great details from the Pirate Captain quarters, to the tavern, and more. Plus it can be reconfigured into a pirate ship.

I had so much fun building this set and any LEGO fan is sure to love it.

Top Super Hero Pick

Venomosaurus Ambush is my pick for Super Hero set this holiday season. I loved the Venomosaurus build. It’s fun to build and to play with. The Spider-monster truck is fun too and it comes with three Spider-man minigures: Spider-man, Spider-pig, and Iron Spider. And of course a Venom minifigure.

Top Star Wars Pick

LEGO puts out so many great Star Wars sets every year it is hard to choose a winner. This year, however, I have to give it to everyone’s favourite bounty hunter turned baby sitter, The Mando.

The Razer Crest is a replica of the Mando’s ship and includes three minifigures: The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, and a Scout Trooper as well as the Child and IG-11! At $159.99 for 1023 pieces it is one of the best Star Wars sets for the price. Plus it’s a fun build and a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

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