Review: Avengers Truck Take-down

Captain America & Hawkeye have brought in the big guns to face off against AIM. But does this set have fire power it needs?

Release Year2020
Piece Count477
MSRP49.99 CAD | 39.99 USD | 39.99E

The Build

Despite the drop away walls this is a pretty simple build. The moving elements are held together with technic pins. Its simple and functional but lacks the finesse more advanced building techniques might have.

Not a big fan of the design. The best part is the rapid fire cannon that pops up from the back. When it is deployed it looks a little cooler. When it is not, it looks a bit like the frame of a garbage truck. It also have a sizable hole in the roof, for no reason.


The set comes with four minifigures. Two AIM agents, Hawkeye, & Captain America. The AIM agents are the same minifigures we have seen all year (my collection of AIM goons is really piling up). I will give the designers credit though because although the figures are all identical at least they try to make up for it by providing a range of interesting accessories. In this case a flaming jetpack with a flamethrower weapon and a cute buggy/drone combo.

The real draw of this set was Hawkeye. I love new torso, repping that classic purple. Captain America also looks good in a new torso variant with a little more muted colours. He comes with a choice of hair or a helmet. I am not a big fan of the Captain America helmet. It looks a bit bulky compared to the rest of the figure especially with the chinstrap printed flat on the head.

  • LEGO Marvel Avengers-Truck-Take-down Minifigures

I assume that was because molding a helmet with the chinstrap was either too difficult or proved not durable enough. What ever the reason, I prefer my cap with the hair piece. Although it should be noted that the face print with the chinstrap can be clearly seen from behind, even with the hair piece. A design flaw the result of a few decisions.


At $50 CAD this was a hard sell for me. I am almost certainly going to break it down for parts. The collector in me definitely got the best of me with this one.


It is a fun set for kids, I think they will enjoy racing it around to have Hawkeye or Captain America pop out with their Gatling gun. For me, I am mostly excited for the minifigures, and happy to add some navy blue bricks to my collection.


Hawkeye Rocking the Purple

Fun for Kids
Not enough value

Feels Unfinished

The Gallery

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