Review: Mobile Bat Base

The Bat family’s big rig is on the road and ready to handle anything. This set packs in a lot fun and has to be one of the best of 2020 (& there were a lot of good sets in 2020).

Release Year2020
Piece Count650
MSRP129.99 CAD | 89.99 USD | 89.99 E

The Build

It is a fun build with a lot interesting details. The set has multiple vehicles built into it; a truck, a plane, a base, a BatQuad, water scooter, and a motorbike.

The only negative is the back half of the truck is a little structurally unstable if grabbed by the door. The first time I picked up the set I caved in the side by accident.


There are six minifigures in this set. Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Bronze Tiger, Man Bat, & Mr. Freeze. All of which are new this year. They are based off of DC’s rebirth series. Mr. Freeze and Batman have been in other sets this year but both are still nice minifigures. I like the gold highlights on this Batsuit.

LEGO Minifigures from Mobile Bat Base

Man-Bat is also cool, and the white torso is noticeably different from the 2014/2017 edition. Bronze Tiger is great too. This is his first time as a minifig and I am happy to add him to my rogues gallery. I am torn over Nightwing. I think his torso has been done better on previous versions, however I really like the new mask.

The Batgirl minfig is my favourite by far. The light grey suit with blue cape looks great. Personally, she looks better than the first Batgirl minifig in black and purple, and even an improvement The Lego Batman Movie version.


I love this set. I was not sure about the plane portion at first but honestly really enjoy how it pops out and becomes its own thing. All the hidden vehicles feel very Batman to me. With six minifigures this set offers a lot of play opportunities. I also love the new capes in this set. They make Batman more dynamic and its fun posing him dramatically on the rooftops of my LEGO city.


This one is well worth the $130 price tag. It is fun to build and a lot of fun to play with. It is definitely the best Batman set available and one of the best Super Hero sets right now.


This is a great set for kids and adults. I would have picked this up for the new Batgirl minifigure alone, but the entire set was a lot of fun. I loved all the small extra vehicles hidden away in the big rig. The new Batman capes are pretty cool too.

Lots of neat features

Fun to Play

4 Unique Minifigures

Some structural issues


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