Review: Mobile Bat Base

The Bat family's big rig is on the road and ready to handle anything. This set packs in a lot fun and has to be one of the best of 2020 (& there were a lot of good sets in 2020).

Things I learned Gaming

I am a gamer. I love my PlayStation and PC, my shooters and platformers, and for me, there is nothing like that feeling you get from being the hero in a good adventure story.  The trouble is a lot of people discount video games as a juvenile or even a waste of time. Non-gamers have... Continue Reading →

Uncharted Wraps

The official Uncharted Movie Twitter account posted earlier today that primary filming on the upcoming game adaptation has wrapped. The film has been in development for more than 10 years. It was first pitched in 2008, before Uncharted 2 even hit shelves. It has been plagued with development issues including trouble finding a director. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

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