Project: DVSGaming was a gaming media site founded in 2012. I worked with DVSGaming for 18 months from April 2016 to November 2017. I lead the editing team as well as contributed game reviews and reported news within the gaming industry.

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In my role as an editor, I manage the publishing schedule and work with the writing team to create quality content that engages readers and drives traffic. I also work with the community team to develop the DVS community on various social channels including Facebook. This project has helped me develop my writing skills as well as communication and community management skills.

The team successfully grew a community that included almost 14,000 followers on Facebook and averaged 60,000 page views a week.

I have preserved examples of my work including the reviews, guides, and editorials that I have produced as examples of my writing for my portfolio. Articles tagged with #DVSGaming first appeared on on the same date and have been preserved here with permission of DVSGaming Media.


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