Blizzard Reveals First City Teams for the Overwatch League

Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami-Orlando, Shanghai, and Seoul are the first cities to host official teams for Blizzard's new eSports League.

PS4 Controller Officially Goes Pro

Razer Raiju And Nacon Revolution will be available this holiday season Sony has announced that they have partnered with Razer and Nacon to build two new PS4 controllers aimed at pro gamers. Not to be out done by Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Controller Sony has commissioned not one but two new controllers designed specifically for... Continue Reading → Pushes Legal and Ethical Boundries

YouTube has been lit up with new controversy around two of its stars. ProSyndicate and TmarTn, regular streamers and Counter Strike: Global Offensive players, have allegedly been misleading audiences regarding their endorsements of the popular CS:GO gambling site  Both creators have posted highly positive videos of the site, winning big and encouraging other players to participate. YouTuber... Continue Reading →

Rocket League Cross-Network Play Comes to Xbox

Later today, Psyonix's hit title Rocket League will open up cross platform competition between Xbox and PC players. The update is to be released at 6 P.M. EST and will add cross network matchmaking.  Players can toggle this setting in the menu panel.

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