Lost, Forgotten, & Refound

Winter in Portugal. It is not a conventional choice but where is the fun in conventional. Arriving two days before Christmas we are met with the familiar lights of the festive season. We exit the Lisbon airport and wind our way the 40 or so minutes through the hilly countryside to Sintra. Praia Grande to... Continue Reading →

New Dawn on the Pacific

Up at 2:15 am.  Dress up warm, good thing I started in a cold place or I might be using the hotel robes for extra layers like one guy on the bus. But wait! Laura, you are in Hawaii. Known for the fun, sun, and warm Pacific waters. What could you possibly need with a... Continue Reading →

Kilimanjaro Day 3: Seriously?

My legs are sore and I seem to be stricken with some severe nausea. I can’t keep down my breakfast and still want to be sick. So I head off upwards with an increasing desire to lie down under a rock and die.

Kilimanjaro Day 2: Exponential

My adventure continues as the sun rises on day 2. Yesterday was a bit of a shock but I have come to terms with the fact we are climbing a mountain here. Waking up surprisingly refreshed we get ready for day 2; still taking care as we groom and dress for the day ahead. After... Continue Reading →

It’s a Fucking Mountain

Today is special because today we begin a great trek.  We are going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This mountain is the tallest on four continents, it stands 5895 m tall, that's around 19000 feet if metric is tough for you. We are taking the Machame route over seven days. This route is the 2nd most... Continue Reading →

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