Uncharted 4 Adds Co-op With Newest DLC

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Uncharted 4 adds new maps, more vanity items, returning classic weapons and an all-new co-op mode Survival.


Naughty Dog has rolled out their latest milestone on their DLC Roadmap for Uncharted 4 and it’s a co-op mode called Survival. The Naughty Dog team were live on twitch to show off the new mode, which is available now for all Uncharted 4 owners, features two new maps, returning classic weapons, and a new game mode as well as a whole lot of new skins. Along with the new modes, Naughty Dog is revamping the game economy by reducing the cost of chests, adding one time use Relic boosters, and a VIP status for players that have invested in Uncharted points. Boosters will be stackable in the games co-op mode as well.

New Maps

There are two new maps Train Wreck and Prison. Prison is a new Uncharted 4 map based on the second chapter of the single player campaign.  It is an old prison with plenty of tight corners and choke points. Train Wreck is a returning classic from Uncharted 2 and it has been reworked to include new routes that utilized Uncharted 4 rope swing mechanics. It is a small but very open map. Great for players who love sniping.

Uncharted 4-Trainwreck map

Train Wreck from Naughty Dog’s Twitch Stream Tuesday.

New Weapons

There are five “new” weapons for Uncharted 4, which are returning from older game versions.

  • M4 Assault Rifle – A Fairly accurate assault rifle with low recoil.
  • PAK-80 Light Machine Gun – Has plenty of recoil but less when fired from cover. They have also reduced the reload time.
  • Micro 9mm Automatic Pistol – has a high rate of fire and is great in close combat.
  • Para 9 Pistol 
  • Desert 5 Pistol – The new Heavy Weapon. Fast rate of fire with a three shot to down or one headshot.

New Game Modes

Survival is an objective based gameplay mode that allows players to play cooperatively against 50 waves of enemies. Survival will allow you and up to two of your friends to go up against waves of Shoreline mercs across 10 maps. The enemies will become increasingly difficult as each new wave will be deadlier than the last: More aggressive, more accurate, and better equipped. Every 10 levels players will have to face a pirate warlord working toward finally taking out Avery himself.

Uncharted 4_Survival_Screenshot

Then do it again because there are five different difficulty levels and plenty challenges to complete. Survival has its own XP and leveling system so all players will start off equal. To succeed you will have to level up and build a Survival specific arsenal. It will also feature unique character skins, player buffs, survival specific boosters, and unlockables. There will also be 12 all new trophies for this mode. 

Naughty Dog has made a few interesting design choices in creating Survival. Waves can be completed in one sitting or in sections so it is very flexible based on how much time you have. Players can drop in and out easily without breaking the flow of the matches. Weapon upgrades work as part of a loot system rather than how much you have used them. Pirate Warlords will drop upgrades when killed. 

They have also added a King of the Hill mode. Similar to hard point players must control areas on the map for points. Teams must control the zone as long as possible to earn points and win the match. Players who are defending can not respawn which can allow aggressive attackers to break it.

New Skins

Naughty Dog is adding 48 new vanity items, including new Biker-themed and warrior skins. The team has also added new color variations for you to further customize your characters; 25 color pallets for every skin.

The new Survival DLC is available now, you can review the full list of patch updates on the Uncharted website. What are you most excited about? Let us know, and join in the conversation below, on Facebook, Twitter, or in the forums!

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